Maximising the Performance of Retail Catering on Campus

Learned about some great strategies I can use back in the workplace

I found the session interesting and it will make me go away and assess what I’m doing in the work place

I am going away with lots of great ideas and understanding

Making Social Business Work For You

A very interactive course. Fun, but I learned loads. I loved the fact that Karen shared so much information & so many links with us.

This will really help our business. Karen shared some great ideas with us about how to advertise via Facebook, and when to delay the post.

A really interesting course. This has made me think about which bits of Social Media I want to use. Really helpful.

RSPH Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Healthier Food and Special Diets

All aspects of this course were very useful. Extremely helpful in gaining knowledge about diets.

Detailed information about nutritional requirements will help when considering a balanced menu for guests/students with specific dietary requirements.

Information about combining produce in order to achieve the correct balance of amino acids in diets for vegans was really interesting.

For One Night Only

The whole course was an insight into the areas that need to be reviewed.

The entire day and content was extremely useful.

It was really interesting to learn about  the implications for bringing in under 18’s & the Child Protection Policy.

This has made me aware of the ‘extras’ that we need to include in our contracts, including the sub clauses & disclaimers.

A Masterclass with Fred Sirieix – ‘Making Excellence a Habit’

Lots of training ideas to take back into the department and improve what we are currently doing.

Fred is obviously passionate about Catering and Hospitality. This re-energises you over small details. Thank you Fred.

I found the role play in the afternoon really inspiring. The extra detail to service that makes a big difference.

A Masterclass with Wayne Collins

Wayne’s knowledge is outstanding and having the opportunity to ‘pick his brains’ was invaluable.

All of this course was so useful. The basic theory session to the practical session was great.

Learning about the correct ingredient ratios was really interesting, and finding out about which spirits work together and with which other ingredients was fascinating.